Kid Does A Magic Coin Trick For A Homeless Man

Another episode of street magic. This time the show homeless. How they reacted check. (recorded in the pan, Warsaw Center)

Vacuum Pack Science - Garbage Bag + Vacuum Cleaner = Instant Package

Steve Spangler is a celebrity teacher, science toy designer, speaker, author and an Emmy award-winning television personality. Spangler is probably best known for his Mentos and Diet Coke geyser experiment that went viral in 2005 and prompted more than 1,000 related YouTube videos. Spangler is the founder of, a Denver-based company specializing in the creation of science toys, classroom science demonstrations, teacher resources and home for Spangler's popular science experiment archive and video collection. Spangler is a frequent guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show where he takes classroom science experiments to the extreme. Check out his pool filled with 2,500 boxes of cornstarch

NASA Shuttle's Boosters Recovered

Did you ever wonder how NASA recovers their 2Solid Rocket Boosters2 after a space shuttle launch. NASA has released the first ever up-close, high-definition video of Kennedy Space Center's solid rocket booster (SRB) recovery ships retrieving SRB segments from the Atlantic Ocean following a space shuttle launch. The unprecedented video is from the launch of the most recent shuttle mission, STS-133, Discovery's final flight, on Feb. 24. Following each space shuttle launch, crew members of Liberty Star and Freedom Star pull the spent boosters out of the ocean and return them to Hangar AF at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Once they are processed, the boosters are transported to Utah, where they are refurbished and stored, if needed.

Telling the Inlaws We're Pregnant

The best 60th birthday party EVER! Best reaction ever. We wrapped a pair of 'Grandpas' shoes in a box with a card and a sonogram picture and captured a moment that will be cherished for many years to come.

Why are Hispanic children so well-behaved?

How Mexican Children Learn Their Good Behavior. The Secret of La Chancla Latina moms share a traditional parenting technique: La Chancla. ¡Aguas! tiger moms Why are Hispanic children so well-behaved? The secret is Hispanic culture, which emphasizes boundaries, developmental growth and a traditional technique known as La Chancla. For centuries, the secret of La Chancla has helped millions of Latina moms: Focus attention to each child's unique needs. Instill values of fairness and fair play. Encourage healthy eating habits. Learn the discipline required to excel in academics. Moral reasoning. La Chancla can help every parent master a truly hands-off parenting style.

Understanding Dog Pack Behavior - A Very Impressive Pack Leader

Heini Winter - Understanding Dog Pack Behavior Heini Winter biking with his 16 sleddogs in town Check out the full-length, original video of Heini Winter and his dogs here:

"12 Months" In The Estonian Language

"12 months" in the estonian language. kaksteist kuud (Cocks taste good)

Louisville player Kevin Ware breaks his whole leg on bad fall!

Looks pretty wierd nad gross. One of his teammates in the box (No. 2) even seems to faint at the sight of this.

Awesome Banjo Girl Plays - Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Foggy Mountain Breakdown on Banjo

Exxon Pipeline Breaks in Arkansas

84,000 gallons of oil leaked nto the Central Arkansas town of Mayflower in Friday, spilling into neighborhoods. Treehugger reports, Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor was one of one the seventeen Democrats that joined all the Republican Senators in voting for symbolic approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. Pryor has claimed the pipeline will help create jobs in Arkansas, where some of the pipe is manufactured, however as Bloomberg reported recently, the project will only create 20 full time jobs, not the thousands that Pryor, TransCanada and other supporters like to talk about.

Saxophone battle in NYC subway

A video of Sapphire Adizes (red pants) playing sax in the subway. Hear more of sapphire and his band GREAT TIME: